South Cape York Catchments

Our Mission 

To overcome disadvantages of people living in South Cape York Peninsula by carrying out programs which promote and protect our natural and cultural environment. 

Our Vision 

Working together we have the leadership, skills, passion and resources to care for our land, environment, culture and community.

What We Do

South Cape York Catchments (SCYC) is a not-for-profit community based Natural & Cultural Resource Management organisation, with 21 years of experience delivering projects across Cape York. We work in partnership with Traditional Owners, Volunteers, Indigenous Rangers, Trainees, and School Students to create meaningful employment, training and youth engagement opportunities. We support three Indigenous Ranger Programs, host up to twelve community landcare events each year, and manage projects that support community and landholders to engage in improved land management activities. Together we undertake works including aquatic weed control, cultural heritage protection, revegetation of riparian areas, feral pig exclusion fencing of high value wetlands, water quality monitoring, erosion control, fire management, community landcare programs  and threatened species surveys. 

Keep in touch!

Feel free to stop by and say 'G'day', ask about our projects or have a chat about anything "Cape York" that interests you. Our office is at 113 Charlotte Street, Cooktown.

Call the office on: 0493 622 666 

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